Should Christians Participate on Halloween?

Something to think about.

Video that addresses the question: Should Christians Participate on Halloween?

Video Source: The One Minute Apologist

G-d is Ageless

To age or have an age requires change. It requires a beginning and an end. G-d is the Beginning and the End and He changes not.
(Isaiah 41:4; Revelation 1:8; 21:6; 22:13)
(Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8)

Academia vs. the SIMPLE Gospel of G-d

Academics are worthless when it comes to providing the SIMPLE Message of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah.

People find Academics interesting and profoundly entertaining. The SIMPLE Message of our Lord provokes an introspective response. All the more worth the while in pursuing the SIMPLE Message and delivering that.

Self-Examination Challenge

No need to reply to these questions.

Do we really honor G-d in ALL that we do?
Is our life a reflection of what G-d has done with our heart?
Have we really given EVERYTHING over to G-d?
Is our life one that can be recognized as one that is with pure conviction with 100% obedience to G-d and loving every moment of it?
Are we TRULY seeking G-d in every part of our life?
How much time are we studying His Word to understand Him?
How much time are we spending in talking with Him and LISTENING?

I know that I need to work in all of these areas. To G-d be the Glory in the changes He has already done. I look forward to the changes that are to come.